• A full-service Texas Licensed and Insured Private Investigation firm specializing in Insurance Investigations, Process Serving, Marital & Domestic Investigations, Background Checks, Civil & Criminal Investigation, Cold Cases, Witness Statements, Locates, and Covert Surveillance.

  • Accurate and complete information is the key to successful decision making. Tri-Star Investigations has the expertise and high-tech tools to deliver the concrete knowledge you need to connect the all the dots.

  • Our staff are field experienced investigators and former law enforcement officers with specialized training and expertise. We guarantee reliable and cost effective investigations..

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  • Insurance Investigations

    The cornerstone of Tri Star Investigations is our tradition of providing investigative excellence to our clients. Our services will aid adjusters and attorneys to ascertain the information necessary to conclude legitimate claims. Read More
  • Serving Legal Documents

    Unfortunately, sheriff's offices in some states are getting out of the process-serving business. We are licensed and professionally trained to serve court papers Read More
  • Marital Investigations

    Have you noticed the changes? Seen the signs? Maybe it's the amount of time they spend at work, more time on the computer, a sudden need for more personal space... Read More
  • Background Checks

    Background screening is quickly becoming standard practice in many workplaces. Organizations are on the lookout for new ways to mitigate their risk, and conducting background checks is an effective way to go. Read More
  • Corporate Undercover

    Often a company has suspicions that something in the workplace is not right. When properly administered, an undercover investigation will reveal more information than most security systems could ever hope to uncover and potentially save thousands of dollars every year. Read More
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We consistently strive to provide all our clients with accurate, efficient, and cost-effective private investigations in a timely manner.